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Children's Class Testing

Private Lesson and Group Testing conducted at the Budokan


Dunellen Street Fair

Images with Conti Sensei at the NJ Aikikai and Budokan Street Fair, Dunellen, NJ


Budokan New Jersey - PTD


2 on 1 Aiki Technique

Yoko Otoshi

Kaiten Nage


Aikido and Aikijujutsu

Images from a video used on a local TV program and Local New Egypt Street Fair. Videos were filmed during a typical practice and lesson at the Budokan.

Hamilton Sensei 2007 Seminar at Conti Sensei's Dojo

Hamilton Sensei Sho- Ha Shorin Ryu Clinic 2007

Gojushisho with Hamilton Sensei, at the NJ Aikikai and Budokan
Front Row: Conti Sensei, Hamilton Sensei, Horvath Sensei, Jones Sensei.

Kata Pinan GoDan

Kata Pinan GoDan - Sho Ha Shorin Ryu

Chinto Kata

Chinto Kata - Sho Ha Shorin Ryu Karate

Teaching on the Eiffel Tower      Teaching in France

France 2008

Teaching the Jo in France
 - Conti Sensei and Jones Sensei at the Eiffel Tower
 - Last day of the seminar with all Teachers Present
   Conti and Jones Sensei at right end (gray gi).



Sword and Tameshigiri

Tameshigiri and Sword training 


Children's Classes

Children's Seminar May 2014