Our Arts

The Budokan provides in-depth study in several Bujutsu arts, which provide a rounded and broad understanding of Martial Ways.


Aikido is widely known as the creation of Morihei Ueshiba in the second decade of the 20th century.  It was created to lessen the brutality of the Daito Ryu Aikijujutsu and allow practice and proliferation of the "Do" or way of living in harmony with nature.

The style we teach has its roots in Nihon Goshin Aikido created by Richard Bowe.  Bowe Sensei studied under Shodo Morita in Japan and returned as a Ni Dan to continue the oral traditions of his system.  Bowe Sensei's Aikido was often recognized as a more 'Jutsu', or harder version of Aikido.  This may have been due to his teacher Morita Sensei having been taught by Yoshida Kotaro, who was a senior student of Sokaku Takeda of Daito Ryu.

The techniques can be applied hard or soft.. The student will learn both the hard and soft aspects of the art to be used as they deem necessary in their studies, but they will leave with the understanding that they have the tools to defend themselves from most any attack.

There is no current affiliation with the Nihon Goshin Aikido Association. Lineage - Takeda - Yoshida - Morita - Bowe - Conti - Jones


The style of Aikijujutsu taught at the Budokan is based on the teachings of the Daito Ryu Kodokai as passed on by Katsumi Yonezawa.  Early in Yonezawa Sensei's travels to the East Coast of the US, he and Hayawo Kiyama were welcomed by Conti Sensei and stayed at his home over a 9 year period.  Conti Sensei was the first to introduce Kodokai to the East Coast and acted as the first East Coast director for 9 years.   

The Daito Ryu teachings and makimono were passed from Yonezawa to Conti Sensei and on to Jones Sensei.  This knowledge broadened the Aikido technical curriculum and blended well with the harder nature of the Nihon Goshin.  The techniques are not taught in the traditional 'kata' style, but instead taught in an application environment.  The 'aiki' movements are taught as 'waza' or techniques in their own right and added to every technique to proliferate the Aikijujutsu we teach today.

The Aikijujutsu is a broad art with many techniques and concepts that require time to assimilate and make your own, but due to the teaching style of our Budokan, you will be able to use elements of the techniques in all aspects of your self defense.

There is no current affiliation with the Daito Ryu Kodokai Association. Lineage - Takeda - Kodo - Yonezawa/Kiyama - Conti - Jones.