Rules and Etiquette

Dojo Rules


1.      Always have a clean Gi

2.      Fold your Gi when leaving the dojo

3.      Keep all nails trimmed and clean

4.      No jewelry can be worn while training

5.      Have clean breath

6.      Keep your feet clean

7.      No shoes on the mat

8.      Place all shoes, clothes and bags in the proper locations

9.      Do not wear you Gi and belt to class, get changed at the dojo

10.  Help to keep the Dojo clean

11.  Wear your Hachimaki (headband to help with sweat on the mat)

12.  Children must present report cards to Sensei

13.  Boys / Men must wear a protective cup

14.  No smoking.  Ever….

15.  Be 5 minutes early for class to get dressed and be ready to start

16.  Treat your mother, father and teachers with respect

17.  Treat everyone with respect

18.  If you need to leave the mat during class, you must ask to be dismissed

19.  Take Notes

20.  Practice at home

21.  Masakatsu Agatsu – “Victory over oneself”…better yourself every day!

Dojo Etiquette

Etiquette (Traditional Dojo Etiquette):

1.         Rei when entering the dojo.

2.         Rei when stepping on and off the mat

3.         Rei when passing the Shinza

4.         Rei to Sensei when passing or when addressing him / her

5.         Rei to your training partner at the beginning and end of a training session

6.         Everyone is addressed by their last name.  Mr. Smith, Ms. Smith, etc.

7.         Do not ask to be tested for your next belt, you will be recommended

8.         Always keep your Gi and belt tied correctly

9.         If you need to fix your belt, turn away from the training area or Sensei and fix it before turning around

10.     When Sensei is teaching a lesson, sit in seiza unless told otherwise

11.     You should never be ‘taller / higher’ than Sensei.  If he is kneeling on the mat, you should shikko walk on the mat and NOT stand up

12.     Always wait to be allowed onto the mat if a class is in session

13.     Address high ranking students as Senpai