Why Study at Budokan South?

We Are Forever the Student

The Budokan was created to continue thlong standing line of traditional martial arts instruction passed on through years of learning, training and teaching. 
We are forever the studentOur head instructor has been a lifelong student, and with the creation of the Nami no Michi Kyoukai, it represents the next step in continuing that path. 

At the Budokan, the Chief Instructor has grown up around and in the martial arts which provides a teaching perspective from a child through adult.

What makes the school different?  It comes down to the style of teaching employed.  The traditional arts taught in an atmosphere of cooperation with a focus on self defense, which results in a foundation that is not very common.  The techniques (waza) and philosophies will be steeped in the traditions of the old, but explained and applied to our society as it has evolved. 


The Japanese Kanji for Dojo translates to "changing place" and Budokan NJ has much to offer.

Children's Classes (Private Lesson or Small Group)

Children's Classes are focused on the efforts to build:

  • Self Esteem
  • Self Discipline.
  • Self Respect
  • Respect for Others

Children ages 6 and older may be admitted to the Budokan to study the arts of Karate and Aikido.  (An introductory class is offered for 4&5 year old children.)

What They Will Be Learning:
  • A simplified version of the full systems to allow family members to train together regardless of age.
  • Short term goals with tangible outcomes are established for young minds.
  • A well rounded knowledge of the arts and provide self - defense applications
  • Rooted in the focus and discipline of traditional martial arts study

Bullying will NOT be tolerated in or outside of the dojo and lessons in handling these situations will be addressed throughout their training.

Versatility and Use in Everyday Affairs

With the varied curriculum of 5 martial systems, you can decide to walk one path or take the path of the 'Bu', or warrior, and study all of the aspects afforded by over 30 years of study under the tutelage of well known teachers.

By choosing to study the combined knowledge of the arts taught at the Budokan, you will have a broad and deep knowledge of self defense that can allow you to protect yourself and others against all forms of aggression. 

These forms of aggression can take many forms:
  • Punches
  • Kicks
  • Choking 
  • Tackles
  • Multiple Attackers
  • Defensive Strategies
  • Ground Defense
  • Weapons Defense
As you develop your skills and confidence in defending yourself in these situations, you become accustomed to being in control. This will boost your self confidence which can help in your day to day life, dealing with other non physical aggression including body language and verbal.  - "From one thing, learn ten thousand" Musashi.

The intent is to always be better than the day before, have victories over yourself every day.  The Japanese statement of Masakatsu Agatsu or "True Victory is Victory Over Oneself" is something we should all be striving for every day.

(Masakatsu Agatsu)