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  • Dojo Relocation - Last Class 3/31/21 We are sad to announce that we will be closing the Millstone NJ Dojo at the end of March 2021.  Thank you to all the students and the township for our time here.At this time, we will not be taking on any new students.The dojo will be relocating to South Carolina and starting classes up in the coming months.  Once a schedule is established, we will let everyone know.
    Posted Mar 9, 2021, 1:04 PM by Rick Jones
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We offer Martial Arts instruction based on Traditional Aikijujutsu, Aikido, Okinawan Karate, and Weapons with emphasis on everyday Self-Defense.
Thank you for visiting our site and we hope to see you at the Budokan in Myrtle Beach, SC.

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Arts Taught at the Budokan

At the Budokan you will experience the following Japanese and Okinawan martial arts:

The teachings are based in the tenets of traditional martial arts systems and addressed for self defense in today's society. 

Utilizing the time honored techniques we provide self defense instruction for men, women and children in a cooperative learning environment.

Classes Offered at the Budokan

Classes Currently Offered Include
  • Adult Aikido, Aikijujutsu, 
  • Adult Karate
  • Women's Self-Defense Classes
  • Children (Karate and Aikido)
  • Adult and Children's Kobujutsu (Weapons)
  • Ki and Internal Power Development


  • Self Awareness
  • Self Respect
  • Self Defense
  • Accomplishment
  • Health and Well Being
  • Inner Peace and external power
  • Honor, Loyalty, Rectitude, Benevolence, Veracity, Respect, Courage! 


What is a Budokan? 

 Budokan is a Martial Arts training facility 
that houses a number of arts sharing 
similar origin or perspective.

Think of it more as a "Universit
y" than a "School".

Instruction in Japanese and Okinawan 
Self-Defense for Men, Women and Children.


Jones Sensei has been a true inspiration and mentor for my Martial arts training.  After being away from martial arts for close to 10 years I found myself very lucky to have found Mr. Jones for my training in traditional Japanese fighting styles, especially Aikido and Aikijujutsu.  I have never found another Sensei with such a broad knowledge in the arts and such a great way of teaching that not only keeps me engaged but really shows me results from the hard work. He has also mentored my 8 year old twins in the classes they attend at the Dojo.  My son in particular who has a special needs he has taken the time to work with closely.  I would recommend anyone with interest in martial arts to work with Jones Sensei regardless of age, ability or level of experience.  I have found Mr. Jones brings a level of training that not only engages the physical but also the mental aspect for me to be a true well rounded martial artist - A. Villanova

Between 2003 and 2006 while working in Princeton, I trained in Dunellen at the NJ AIKIKAI Dojo of 
Sensei Conti after a difficult selection and test of various Dojos around my location . As a French visitor I 
was honored to be accepted as a student in this school.  
During about four years of participation M. Jones was the first assistant of Sensei Conti and I was
amazed by his broad knowledge of martial arts, his insightful connections between KEN JUTSU, AIKI 
JUJUTSU, KOBU JUTSU, KARATE, his ability to fight with control and efficiency. Sensei Jones has fantastic 
pedagogical skills, and is able to explain the techniques, their applications, their limitations, and the way 
to acquire them as a student.  
After I left the USA for another assignment I organized an international seminar in Tour in France during 
which I invited Sensei Conti and Sensei Jones for their participation that was highly appreciated by mare 
than 200 participants in the seminar.  
I wish students to be able to receive the teaching of Sensei Jones to become martial artists but also to 
develop themselves led by a sincere and skilled Master. - P. Ligneul

I trained and taught with Rick in many traditional Japanese martial arts for approximately 25 years. Over the course of these two-and-a-half decades, he proved himself to be THE most: dedicated; hard-working; motivated; knowledgeable; physically-skilled; loyal; trustworthy; and honorable-- student and teacher-- of the arts we studied. I give him the highest possible recommendation as a master Sensei (teacher) and Renshi (teacher of teachers) of these arts; in which he has been rigorously and gruelingly taught, trained, and tested. He has proof of his expertise and rankings-- as shown in his possession of all official and/or required documentation. This includes certificates/belts/titles/recommendations and geneologies. These were all awarded to him after he successfully completed tests (which included, quite literally-- hundreds of physical, verbal, and written tasks) with a proficiency rating (grade) of 98% or above. He is--in my fairly knowledgeable and experienced opinion-- the greatest practitioner and teacher of the Arts he has (and continues to) studied. I make this statement pertaining to both local, small-scale teachers of these Arts; in addition to the so-called "celebrity" martial artists who have gained notoriety due to: film appearances/roles in television series and appearances/coverage in printed media (newspapers, magazines, Internet websites/ and social media (Twitter, Facebook, etc.). If you are seeking a true Master Instructor in the Japanese martial arts of: Jujutsu; Aikido; Karate; ancient and/or traditional Okinawan/Japanese/Chinese weapons-- in addition to the various histories, philosophies, and strategies (both written and oral) with whom these Arts are associated-- Rick Jones is the man you need to have for your Sensei. - J. MacKay

In my travels through the world of martial arts I've been blessed with the opportunity to observe and learn from Jones Sensei since 2004 at the NJ Aikikai and Budokan. I've never met another teacher with such a well versed knowledge of traditional and current fighting systems.  He has given me an appreciation of the history of our art.  His teaching style is the perfect blend of fun and engaging intensity.  Rarely does a teacher have the ability to break down a technique, demonstrate its various applications, and then tie it together with the tenets and “do” in all that we do.  He always gives you something to take home and train to further develop and refine your current skill set, from beginner to the most advanced martial artist.  His skills will be evident immediately.  Sensei Jones personifies the animal metaphors we see in many martial art systems. He is the only person I've ever seen move with the simultaneous grace and ferocity of a tiger.  Watching him preform is truly watching a great artist at work.  I could not recommend his services highly enough. - C.Potter


I have trained at the NJ Aikiki and Budokan for about 15 or so years under the instruction of Conti Sensei and his number one student Jones Sensei. Jones Sensei is a true Martial Artist not only from his physical skills but also his wisdom, ability to teach and historical knowledge about the Martial Arts. I am the kind of person that doubts anything will work in a "REAL SITUATION".  I continue to come to Sensei with real life situation after situation, and I will come with this attack for "REAL" and he will demonstrate how things will or will not work and what to do if it does not work. In the past I have worked Security in bars, clubs and been in countless street fights because I liked confrontation and tested these "things" out with great success. One of the greatest lessons both Conti Sensei and Jones Sensei have taught me is how NOT TO FIGHT ("the battle not fought is the battle won" -Sun Tzu). I then would go out and test those teachings and it has been life changing. The things I have been taught I truly cannot put a price tag on. After 15 or so years I am still very grateful to be taught by Jones Sensei weekly. If you choose to be taught by Jones Sensei I promise the experience will change your mind, body,and spirit as well as your life! -J Del Vecchio


I started martial arts training in 2001 in Dunellen at the NJ Aikikai and Budokan with Conti Sensei. During my first class Sensei Jones was the instructor and unlike other martial arts instructors that I have met during my research he has a knack for working with you and your ability. Over the 7 years that I trained there I was amazed at Jones Sensei's knowledge of the arts and his ability to break down techniques and apply them to real life situations. Jones Sensei's knowledge and ability to teach Shorin Ryu Karate, Aikijujutsu, Nihon Goshin Aikido, and self-defense is second to none. I would go to class 2 days a week and always made sure that one of my days would be on a day that Jones Sensei was teaching.  Do to life getting in the way I had to stop training in 2008 and recently was thinking about going back to class, I will be sure to make time to spend learning from Jones Sensei.
J LeGrand


The first time I stepped into a dojo was September 1984. I can say without exaggeration,  with the many practitioners I have met, studied with, and under within that time, I was able to conclude the following:  Jones Sensei is physically the most superior martial artist I have ever met, let alone seen. I have been fortunate enough to see him execute several techniques, which unless you witnessed  for yourself, you would not believe the speed, accuracy, and effect was possible. I also have been fortunate enough to be on the receiving end several times. Because of this, I believe I have benefited greatly with my own knowledge.
 Sensei has proven time and again that his willingness to be humble and remain a “student”, has fueled his ability to progress beyond the norm. Sensei also possess a quality to break things down, take apart, and explain not only physical techniques, but also philosophies, and an uncanny competency to convey information clearly to students, no matter who they are. Thus making him a natural leader and role model, regardless of rank.  To study under Jones Sensei’s tutelage is, in my mind, to travel back in time.  A time when people learned and trained as if their lives depended upon it. Not merely a ‘how to', but more importantly, “why” to do so as well. - K Cansian

What is the Nami No Michi Kyoukai

Nami No Michi Kyokai translates to "The Way of the Wave Association".

This association will be for those that choose to follow the way of the true martial artist and study all of the arts available at the Budokan. 

Why waves and water?

  • As the waves of the ocean are endless and continually shaping the form of the coast with each crash, so shall you change and grow in your study at the Budokan.

  • Once water stops flowing and becomes stagnant, it can lose its clarity.

  •  A trickle of water over time can carve its way through rock and earth by its tenacity and continuing movement, while a tsunami can be catastrophic in one crash.

  • The shape and forming of a cresting wave, share a very core value with many techniques and concepts.

  • Water is essentially formless, but can take the form of any container it is put into...much like a self defense situation, you must be formless until you have a specific situation to address.  (Mushin - "Mind of no mind")

What is 'Traditional'?

We are not a koryu style or dojo, but a Gendai system.  Gendai systems 
are those established after the Meiji Restoration (1869).  Koryu and Gendai are interconnected and contain Do (way or path) and Jutsu (technique) aspects, share blood lines, but may no longer have direct political ties to those original arts.

Our lineage can be traced to the founding fathers of Daito Ryu, Aikido, Shorin Ryu and Isshinryu.  The oral and physical teachings have been passed down from generation to generation with care not to lose the original essence of the martial ways of those that have gone before.